The LDAPExporter project started off as a hobby project for me, but has since seen quite a few downloads from the SourceForge page. Please support the project by spreading the word to your friends and co-workers; the program was developed for free, with my intention being to code an easy and fast LDAP export tool. The program also makes it super easy … Read More

Secondary Account Management with NetIQ IDM

One of our new offerings is the Secondary Account Management (SAM) Solution. The SAM Solution implements a 1..n relationship (or parent -> child) solution for linking Primary and Secondary accounts in your NetIQ eDirectory Tree. With the Belkast solution: Secondary accounts are identified and linked to their owner’s Primary account. Secondary accounts are governed by an identity lifecycle – with options to remove, reassign, … Read More

Java SOAP client now in GitHub

I am delighted to announce that the code for the SOAP client which I have developed has now been synced with GitHub. You can view the repository at this address. You can view the README file here. Please note that you will also need to download version 1.27 of JCommander, place it in the lib directory, and recompile the soap code … Read More