Avoid multiple mapping-table queries

The mapping-table functionality in Novell IDM is a great feature to store ‘IF A THEN RETURN B’ results.¬†Unfortunately, this is as far as the logic can be stretched. Basically, the mapping-table allows data to be stored and retrieved based on only one condition. Therefore, it is not possible to say ‘IF A AND B THEN RETURN C’. There is, however, a solution to this problem: store the mapping-table in operation-data and use XPATH to retrive the data you are looking for.

By using XPATH, you can retrieve data using the code shown below.

This code will return, in a node-set, those values contained in columnC where columnA and columnB resolve to ‘true’. The code to store a mapping-table in operation-data is shown below, along with a sample mapping-table. Once the data is stored, it is up to you to determine how best to use XPATH to get at the data you want.