Using DXCMD to initiate a migrate

Some people are blissfully unaware that there is a very powerful command line tool that ships with NetIQ IDM. That tool is dxcmd, and it can be used to start and stop Drivers, change Driver startup mode, start Driver Jobs, and start Driver migrations (the purpose of this post).

Belkast recently worked with a so called seasoned IDM consultant who had never heard of dxcmd; so make sure you know about it and use it.

The ECMAScript function below creates an XDS document which is used to initiate a migrate using dxcmd.

DirXML Policy Script to generate the migration

The two rules below show how the Connector code calls out to DXCMD. The generated XDS document (created by calling the above script) is passed into the IDM Connector specified in the Local Variable varConnectorDN-Temp. The Policy to which these two Rules belong has the namespace dxcmd defined as xmlns:dxcmd=” (link is external)”.