Tag node position in XDS document

The following style-sheet processes each <status> node present within an XDS document, and tags each node with the position of that node. For example, if the XDS document contains 3 <status> nodes, the 1st node will be rewritten as <status position=”0″> etc. The code listed below makes use of the XSLT function preceding-sibling in order to figure out at what … Read More

Avoid multiple mapping-table queries

The mapping-table functionality in Novell IDM is a great feature to store ‘IF A THEN RETURN B’ results. Unfortunately, this is as far as the logic can be stretched. Basically, the mapping-table allows data to be stored and retrieved based on only one condition. Therefore, it is not possible to say ‘IF A AND B THEN RETURN C’. There is, however, … Read More

Using DXCMD to initiate a migrate

Some people are blissfully unaware that there is a very powerful command line tool that ships with NetIQ IDM. That tool is dxcmd, and it can be used to start and stop Drivers, change Driver startup mode, start Driver Jobs, and start Driver migrations (the purpose of this post). Belkast recently worked with a so called seasoned IDM consultant who had never heard … Read More