LDAP Exporter

Written in Lazarus (open source Delphi), LDAP Exporter is compatible with Windows and Linux, and allows one to export LDAP search results to CSV, XLS, or LDIF. Support for SSL is built in, as well as the saving and managing of profiles. Schema retrieval makes it easy to select those attributes one wishes to retrieve, as well as removing columns and rows in the results grid.

Password Setter and Sync Verifier

Do you often need to check password synchronisation between different LDAP compliant directories (NetIQ eDirectory, Microsoft Active Directory, Oracle Internet Directory, etc)? Our custom built solution provides a method to achieve this task by logging in to NetIQ eDirectory and retrieving the Users password; logins are then attempted to all configured LDAP compliant directories. This tool is written in Java as a console application.

Secondary Account Management

Manage the creation, modification, deletion, and transfer of Secondary Accounts with NetIQ IDM. The NetIQ IDM product does not ship with a solution to support 1..n accounts (Primary -> Secondary). Belkast has developed a solution which supports this and also supports the User Application for Secondary account self service.

Password Dumper

Dump out, to screen, eDirectory passwords with this Java console program. Written to assist with Service Desk calls (‘I have forgotten the password for the Service Account used by my applications’), the program will display to screen one or more passwords (based on an LDAP query). The program can also be configured to display all attributes stored for a given User (again, based on an LDAP query).

LDAP Statistics

A JavaScript console application that records the number of LDAP operations against an eDirectory server. The resulting file contains LDAP connection information (SSL or clear text), LDAP Query information (including the Query string), and the load on the sever (in transactions per minute). This information can then be fed in to a graphing tool to provide a near real-time snapshot of how busy the eDirectory server is.

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Belkast Consulting

Belkast Consulting was incorporated in the United Kingdom in April 2012, and since then we have completed successful projects for NetIQ, ING Insurance, Allied Irish Banks, Scottish Widows, Laboratory Corporation of America Holdings, and Surrey County Council. We provide exceptional value for money and a great return on your investment.

NetIQ Identity Management


White Pages & Workflows

Software Upgrades & Migrations


In the last thirteen years, Belkast Consulting has worked with major corporations to implement strategic Identity and Access Management frameworks. The clients we have worked with include ING Insurance, A.G. Edwards & Sons, Scottish Widows, Union Pacific Railroad, Monsanto, California Department of Transportation, Allied Irish Banks, and the United States Environmental Protection Agency.

Belkast has over fourteen years of experience designing, developing, and deploying NetIQ Identity Management solutions for global companies, large and small. In addition to our experience with the ‘out-of-the-box’ NetIQ IDM product, we have also developed a custom ‘one to many‘ solution which leverages the NetIQ IDM Loopback Connector to facilitate the assignment and management of one or more Secondary User accounts to a single Primary User account. Immediate linking and immediate unlinking, or transfer, is supported. A set of custom developed Workflows to aid in the User account management are also available. Press the Contact Us button and let’s start the discussion.

We have experience with the following NetIQ IDM Connectors:

  • Active Directory
  • Delimited Text (CSV)
  • eDirectory
  • Generic File
  • Google Apps
  • JDBC (IBM DB2, Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server)
  • JMS
  • LDAP (for Oracle Internet Directory)
  • NULL and Loopback Services
  • Office365
  • Scripting
  • SharePoint
  • SOAP
  • WorkOrder


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Whether you require a portal for White Pages functionality or a more complex solution utilising Workflow management, Belkast has the expertise to deliver both. At ING Insurance, Belkast developed a set of Workflows to facilitate the management of Secondary User Accounts, and at Allied Irish Banks we replaced the legacy, and unsupported, eGuide product with a new internal employee search portal called People Finder.
NetIQ IDM migration from Windows to Linux or from Linux to Windows. Upgrades on both platforms. Belkast has the relevant experience.
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Belkast Consulting supports complex organisations with their NetIQ Identity and Access Management integration. We provide solutions, project management, and support in three key areas of enterprise integration and operation with IAM:

  • Implementation and Upgrade
  • Implementation Support
  • Project Management

Implementation Upgrade

With over fourteen years experience with NetIQ Identity and Access Management, Belkast are well positioned to ensure a smooth and successful implementation. Whether it’s Connector or Workflow development, User Application configuration, Data analysis and migration, or RBAC implementation…Belkast can enable success.

  • Requirements analysis and solution architecture
  • Business and Systems Analysis
  • Business Process Re-Design
  • Solution Design and Development
  • Data Migration
  • Workflow Customization
  • System Testing and Quality Assurance

Implementation Support

We provide pre and post Go Live support to users and all stakeholders throughout the life cycle of your Identity and Access Management system operation.

  • Enhancements, issue resolution and user training
  • User Migration and Training
  • Research and Issue Resolution

Project Management

We provide Project design, planning, and co-ordination during the entire Identity and Access Management implementation process.

  • Concept Development
  • Feasibility Analysis
  • Enterprise Architecture Review
  • Prioritization and Scheduling
  • Change Management
  • Risk and Cost Assessment
  • Stakeholder Communication

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