Password reset from a Workflow

We have developed a custom method by which a User, with the correct rights, can change the password on a User from within a Workflow. What makes this important is that the password change is integrated with a custom Java class which calls NMAS methods to do the password change. The password change is thus verified and, on an error, … Read More

Manipulate a string as XML

I was recently asked to provide code which satisfied the following specification: In flowdata for a PRD I am trying to do the following in a mapping activity. I have a string, which looks like this (example): “<data><startdate>2012-06-20T12:26:32.000+02:00</startdate><enddate>2012-07-17T12:26:32.000+02:00</enddate><udlaaner>24222</udlaaner><modtager>24300</modtager><initiator>cn=ADMKEVRAS,ou=sa,o=data</initiator><desc><value>Test 11</value></desc><A1>[DN on a group]</A1></data>” This string is just a stringified XML stored on a String attribute in edirectory. In clean XML it … Read More

Framework for Connected and Non Connected systems

Belkast Consulting have development a reusable Framework which simplifies the integration of both Connected and Non Connected Systems with respect to NetIQ IDM. By using this Framework, you can implement the same application permission logic regardless of whether the System is connected via an IDM Connector or is completely ‘stand alone’. What is the difference between a Connected and a … Read More